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Mundo (meaning "world" in Spanish and Portuguese) truly lives up to its name with dishesfrom all over the world —Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean. The choices offered on the menu were not arbitrarily picked; co-owners Guillermo Lucerofabbi ("Willie") and Canalp Caner ("John") were tired of having to hop from restaurant to restaurant in search of their favorite dishes, as no "one" place could fully satisfy their international cravings. Thus, they decided that the best way to remedy this situation was to create a domain where a diversity of tastes and cuisines would be served under the same roof.

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What They Said

It was Fernand Point who once said, "If the divine creator has taken pains to give us delicious and exquisite things to eat, the least we can do is prepare them well and serve them with ceremony." At Mundo, co-owners Guillermo and Canalp have mastered both. Each dish is a gift to the palate, celebrated by the warmth of those who present it. Miles Christian Daniels & Kayvon Zand
We are so happy to have found you - we loved the food, the ambiance.. and you!... Iris Sroka & Leonard Yavner
You guys: I just loved the taste of your food. It was fresh, delicious & very tasty. I will make sure all my friends know about this place. Lots of luck & prosperity. Patie K.
Dearest Canalp, Willie & Pinar, I had a very special friend who would have fallen in love with you -firstly- and then with the food, the music, the candles & just with the space & the moment - in which to create memories. He would have asked many many questions - of Turkey. of Argentina - of you. As am I -. Love. JP

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